Women’s Addiction Recovery Manor Residences

The Women’s Addiction Recovery Manor (WARM) is an inpatient recovery program for adult women seeking recovery from substance abuse and addiction. The mission of the campus is “to provide a drug and alcohol free environment for tenants, their families, and guests of the property.” The facility is a non-profit organization and an affiliate of the Recovery Kentucky Initiative. The early phases of the recovery require clients to stay in a group living environment where they are held accountable by their peers. As clients progress through the recovery, they have the opportunity to reside in true apartments. Throughout the client’s time at the center, they are taught independent living skills and learn to become responsible for their own personal care as well as caring for their own living environment.

The WARM Residences apartment complex is located on the WARM campus and consists of 8 three-bedroom units with two baths, and 24 two-bedroom units with one bath. Other features include: full kitchens and washer/dryer hookups in each unit, grills and a picnic area, a playground, and secured mailboxes. A community building also provides a large activity room, a kitchen, office, computer lab, and exercise room. These residences are constructed in phases, and the Women’s Addiction Recovery Manor Residences II is currently under construction.

Henderson, Kentucky
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